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What is a master key suite?

Imagine the commodity and simplicity of having one key to operate all the doors for your home, offices, properties, flats… and even upgrading the security of your locks & keys!

Master Key Suite

A master key suite is a group of locks that operate with the same key, which is the master key, then each lock can also be operated by its individual correspondent key, which cannot operate on any of the other remaining master locks. So It’s all about the configuration of the locks rather than anything special or unique with the master key.

Locks that have master keys, have a second set of the mechanism used to operate them that is identical to all of the others in the set of locks. For example, master keyed pin tumbler locks often have two shear points at each pin position, one for the change key and one for the master key.


A common misconception is that master keyed locks are more secure than single keyed locks, but that is not the case. The fact that some pin chambers have two shear points which allows for more options when picking and it also allows for more keys to operate.

Because of this, the locksmith industry, have responded by doing high security keys & locks that can be used in master suites, up to 12 pin keys, laser-cutted and with the need of an encrypted security cards for new keys to be cut. So if someone gets hold 760_435_csupload_26007372of your keys, or you lend them to someone, they cannot get copies of them because they don’t have the authorising security card, leaving only the cardholder able to get a key cut.

Benefits of having a Master Key Suite

For homeowners:

  • Imagine instead of carrying a bunch of keys around to access your home, you could rely on just one key and still not compromise on security.
  • Single key entry to a home, including all external door entry points – front and back doors, conservatory doors French windows, garage doors, shed doors and even garden gates – all operating from one key.
  • For a new homeowner, just think of how many people could have keys to a new home? Previous owners, neighbours, carers, cleaners. A one key house takes control of home security.
  • If a homeowner has lived in a house for a while, the number of keys in operation could easily have escalated, through ex’s, friends, builders, kids and lost keys.

For Agents and Landlords:

  • For Real Estate & Letting Agents, which have storage rooms for the keys of the properties they manage, imagine they could reduce all of that to a few grand master keys. Making daily work such as viewings, so much easier. The same case for landlords with several properties, they could benefit from the simplicity and commodity of just one grand master key.
  • Agents, could guarantee to their clients and easily control how many copies of keys for each property there are, without taking the risk that employees or subcontractors could hold extra keys.
  • When dealing with tenants, imagine how many times they must have had their keys cut or lost, with the Card system, you can control the number of keys circulating. When the end of tenancy, asking for the keys back, knowing you are returned the exact amount of keys for that the lock is a relief and there is money saved, with no need to change locks.

For commercial buildings:

  • The staff employees (security staff, cleaning staff,…) can hold master keys and have access to all the different areas or offices in a commercial state, again the commodity and simplicity of just managing with one key.
  • Relying on the one key security system, this will allow the total control of the number of  keys circulating. Only enabling employees or subcontractors to get any spare copies, if they have the authorising security card.

Finally, when creating a master key suite, make sure you use a technology for your master key suite, which is designed to disable others from getting copies of your keys, such as the authorising security cards. The largest security upgrade will be that one, not allowing anyone to get copies for your keys done easily. The well worth money invested in such technology, will enhance your peace of mind.