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D&L Property Services» Blog Archive How to maintain your property when the tenants leave
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How to maintain your property yearly

In this article, we are going to analyze and propose some of the main problems and solutions for maintaining your property every year. When is the best time to do it and how. Especially those HMO properties where the tenants are students.

For us as a Property Services Company, we deal with this every year, we tend to do it in the summer or before if possible, whenever tenants move out of their accommodation for summer break. We take action on the properties. It is for us the busiest time of the year.

We divide the tasks to do by rooms, we have a tick sheet with the most common problems or damaged items in every room. Going into the property with the sheet and ticking what needs doing, also detailing specifications or adding notes on the side.

After this our team of tradesmen will solve all the check list.


General & Hallways


  • Consider replacing and re sticking the notice signs for your tenants, such as procedures for maintenance or emergency numbers.
  • Minor wall or ceiling repairs, remove stains and repaint. Especially those with mould and damp stains, if mould or damp isn’t treated it only goes to worse.
  • Revise all CO alarms & Fire Blankets, check batteries and make sure that the alarm works. Usually they have a test button.
  • Check all electrics & sockets, Replace non working light bulbs and fit or repair new lights where needed.
  • Check all windows hinges and make sure they shut properly, any water going in your property could cause leaks and further damp problems.
  • Remove big stains on carpets and clean them.
  • Replace locks where keys have not been returned or lost, also service current functioning locks. A service will mainly consist of an WD-40 application, making the barrels and levers go smoother.
  • Check & bleed all radiators. This is may be better to do further on ahead of winter.
  • Service boiler.
  • Clean garden rubbish, cut grass & over grown hedges.




  • Check all kitchen appliances, such as oven, microwave and washing machine.
  • Check the fridges, replace light bulbs if necessary, deep clean them and unplug them. Make sure to leave the fridge & freezer open while it isn’t plugged in to refresh.
  • Reseal work surfaces, especially does more affected by water, near the sink. Make sure the kitchen tap is working properly and doesn’t leak or spread water everywhere.
  • Unblock kitchen drain, a strong drain cleaner should do the job.




  • Wipe out all mould or damps stains, and analyse where they come from, If it is possible to apply measures apply them, having an extractor fan is always a good idea. If you already have an extractor fan, it is recommended to dismount it and clean it.
  • Reseal with sanitary silicone, around the shower and around sinks or toilet, this might save you any future leaks.
  • Unblock shower head and all drains by unscrewing or taking plugs out, especially the shower and sink. Clear all dirt that has been accumulating in it. Also apply some drain cleaner.
  • Make sure that the shower curtain or the shower enclosure, retains all the water when the shower is being used, if tenants are not careful, water left on the floor can cause leaks and further damp problems to the ground floor ceiling.
  • Check the toilet when it flushes, make sure it doesn’t loose any water or leaks.
  • Consider of hygiene boarding the whole bathroom, hygiene board is very resistant to mould and damp, easy to clean and easy to reseal.




  • Check all wardrobes, shelves are still screwed in properly and wardrobe doors are fixed properly. Also draws and draw handles are fixed.
  • Check door locks and handles, if the tenants installed door locks, make sure they comply the HMO license. Thumb turns are the safest bet.
  • Check beds & bed bases, replace them if necessary.
  • Try the blinds and make sure they function properly.


Maintaining your property is costly and takes effort, but all the actions above are recommendations to save you or prevent any future problems.  Every year it is recommended when upgrading things to make your property energy efficiency rate better. So in the long term, you have lower running costs.

If you think your property needs deep maintenance and you would like to improve the living space or you think the property has potential for improvement. Why not consult with a property expert such as property consultants or property developers, what can you do to add value to your property.

Remember, that adding living space, by adding bedrooms, by improving the kitchen or having extra bathrooms will increase the value of your property.