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Investment Property

The Directors of D&L Property Services Ltd. are successful Brighton and Hove landlords and as such, have deep experience in sourcing good quality investment property for themselves or others. Through their extensive local network, developed over the past 20 years, they are able to source off and pre market opportunities appropriate for long term hold or resale (flip).

D&L Property Services work in this capacity in conjunction with our partner business Target Five Property Consultants to offer a completely bespoke property finding and negotiation service. Target Five are Property Ombudsman registered Buyers Agents. They also comply with new FCA regulations.

In addition to this service, the majority of clients also take advantage of the additional economies D&L can offer to the refurbishment and property maximisation process, with any associated fees back loaded to incentivise success for all parties.

Key areas of specialisation are:

For more information and to receive an Investment Pack, which includes case studies, fee details and terms and conditions, please email or or call 01273 600160.

You can also visit our Property Investment Website.

To view our property porfolio and our current projects visit our Property blog.

Here you can view a video of a meeting with Property Fortress Group in London

Craig Dwyer Smith and Andy Babbayan from Property Fortress on Vimeo.



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